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Pasta nutricional ENTOMA - 250g

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22% protein pasta

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Eating insects is not as bad and scary as you think. Entoma Foods believes that we should all eat insects. Insects are a good, healthy and sustainable source of protein. Of course, we understand that insects are not the most attractive product. That is why the protein-rich pasta might be something for you! This paste is different from other pastas. The pasta has been processed with insects, which means that the protein content has increased enormously. The protein content is around 10% in regular dry pasta. In contrast, the insect paste from Entoma Foods has more than 18%.


Ingredients: Durum wheat and cricket powder


Nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 1624KJ/ 388kcal, Fat 5,4g, of which saturated fatty acids 1,7g, Carbohydrates 62g, of which sugars 8,4g, Fibre 8,4g, Protein 21,7g, Salt 0,8g

Pasta vegetables

The pasta is rich in protein, therefore meat isn’t necessary to this dish. Prepared a tasty vegetarian meal!




- 500 g of pasta

- 1 onion

- 2 tomatoes

- 1 fennel bulb

- 1 courgette

- 3 spoons of olive oil

- 50 grams of butter

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 50 grams of butter

- 1 teaspoon of provençal herbs

- Pepper and salt

- 1 bouillion tub of vegetables

- 250 gr mushrooms

- Ground Emmental


1. Cut the onion, cut the fennel into strips, cut the zucchini lengthwise and cut into half moons, cut the mushrooms small, cut the tomatoes in pieces.


2. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package, in the meantime stew the onion, add the vegetables and the bouillion tub after a few minutes. Add season with pepper a little, salt, cayenne pepper and provençal herbs. Pour off the pasta, melt the butter in the same bowl and stew the chopped garlic cloves. Add the pasta and leave to simmer with the garlic. The tomatoes and vegetables can be mixed with the pasta and it’s ready.


3, For meat lovers: Bake 400 grams minced meat together with the garlic and add the pasta afterwards.

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Pasta nutricional ENTOMA - 250g

Pasta nutricional ENTOMA - 250g

22% protein pasta

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